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The discovery process is foundational for meeting stakeholder expectations and user requirements.

Because requirements analysis is so critical to the success of any project, eMotions employs trained requirements engineers to gather deep insights from your stakeholders. How will your users interact with the information and collaborate with each other? What business processes can be digitised to cut back on costs and improve productivity? We help answer these questions and more in the language of tech — so that every recommendation is grounded in attainable results.


We design creative solutions that are centred around the user.

By bringing the science of social technology to business, we’re able to offer messaging and news feeds featuring targeted updates inside a platform that is completely integrated with key functions and databases. 

Client requirements are transformed into intuitive graphical user interfaces that you can experience for the first time via prototyping, mockups, screen designs, concepts, or a mixture. This stage also incorporates site and application architecture. During the presentation and review steps, clients are always engaged to verify how we’ve structured the product and to check that we’ve interpreted both stakeholder demands and user needs.


Our passionate team of designers have long-standing experience in advanced techniques like pair programming and collaborative code reviews.

eMotions has established a practice of testing the most effective development processes and utilising them for the appropriate projects. Our development methods result in faster, higher quality products with higher knowledge sharing and collaboration between designers.

We use Microsoft SQL Server, Adobe ColdFusion Server, HTML 5, CSS3, JQuery and other Java Script Frameworks, as well as MURA CMS, which is an excellent platform for reliable intranets.


By employing a variety of testing methods including exploratory, scripted, and regression, we ensure the quality of every application from delivery through any subsequent reiterations.

Our unique quality assurance process allows for multiple checks from multiple perspectives. The project manager writes testing scripts on every possible action of every feature. Our engineers then execute those scripts to double check not only expected results, but speed and ease as well. 

After tracking and fixing any bugs discovered, the engineers then pass along the application back to the eMotions project manager, who goes through an extensive exploratory test. During this phase, the project manager acts as a user, discovering the platform and strategically attempting tasks as a user would.


To smoothly implement new projects, we interface with the appropriate internal teams and offer continued support.

This phase also provides us with valuable user feedback that reveals to what extent the users are able to adopt the project and how we can create an improved user experience.

We combine client feedback on the project with data analysis of the applications performance to develop necessary updates, further optimising the product and ensuring its quality throughout the lifecycle. To successfully implement any subsequent reiterations, eMotions rolls out changes in releases — narrowing down the number of times that users are met with updates as much as possible.

eMotions also builds brand new functions and features into existing platforms, allowing for scalable, sustainable design.