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For a new application to be successfully adopted by its target users, the consulting phase is essential.

We help clients define project specifications and suggest relevant structures and features. Though every project is different, here’s what we always aim for:

  • Usability
  • Suitability
  • Scalability

For cost-effective solutions, we focus on developing precise user experiences — everything that the user needs should be there, but nothing more. When it comes to application design, bigger isn’t always better. For software development to be truly representative of an organisation’s needs, the user objectives must come first.

We’ll work with you to develop the best solution possible, one that enhances, digitises, and streamlines business processes and communications. eMotions values sustainable, clearly defined solutions with robust capabilities.

Software Design

Our years of experience with project implementation and user adoption within the medical industry inform our approach to the initial phases of design.

Not only do we create intuitive designs based on social experience but we make apps that are easy to use and architected to endure heavy usage.

We’re able to tailor every function of the application, from different levels of access and grouping to uniquely strategic methods for internal communication. Clients are involved at every phase of design so that stakeholder demands are transformed into a product that feels long overdue, and yet optimised for future use.

The platforms we create help to declutter information with easy and immediate knowledge access. With data that is historised, searchable and accessible, the intranet becomes an ecosystem for the business.

Software Development

eMotions uses proven technologies and design methods to develop efficiently. Based on the size of the project, you’ll receive one release or multiple releases defined by specific milestones.

Because implementation is only the initial phase of project delivery, we provide user training and we interface with your internal teams.

To successfully transition a product into your users’ hands, we provide continued support and maintenance. eMotions maintains the application over time, adding new functionality and continually improving the user experience. In addition to web analytics and project tracking, we solicit qualitative feedback from the client to deliver improved user experiences. We’ll bring your users smooth updates to ensure organization-wide adoption of the product.